An independent program committee of industry experts and practitioners will review submissions and curate our 2023 agenda. Program committee members will be looking for fresh perspectives, new insights, and expertise on key issues.



Our program committee looks for topics that are fresh, new and important for the attendees to know. They are trying to answer these questions:
  • Will this content help someone do their jobs better?
  • Will this help someone understand what is really going on in the field?
  • Will this help someone progress in their career, or be more prepared to handle new and novel threats?
It is important to read the class track description that you would like to submit for and ask if your proposal is a best fit for the track.


Sessions are 45 minutes in total length including any Q&A and can be presented in any of the following speaking formats:
  • Single Presenter
  • Two Co-presenters
  • Panel
    • Consists of a moderator and a maximum of 4 panelists.



Here's a summary of the information you'll need to gather for your submission:
  • Session Title
  • Speaker biography (300 characters, including spaces)
  • Short abstract (300 characters, including spaces)
  • Long abstract (1,200 characters, including spaces)
  • Submission track
  • Type of submission (i.e. single presenter, co-presenter or panel)
    • Speaker details: Name, designation, job title, company, email, short biography
  • Technical level of the submission



  1. Focus on the issue. What is top of mind for security professionals across our community? Presentations should be focused on tackling the security issue and not from the perspective of company products and services. (Less eloquently: No sales pitches!)
  2. Controversy breeds interest. Novel, highly contested, provocative, or innovative topics generate interest … and discussion!
  3. Diversity matters. Bring diverse perspectives to the table. Create a panel or co-present so your talk expands the discussion with viewpoints that may challenge, intrigue or be unique.
  4. Case studies reign supreme. Compelling stories that show real life applications in action prevail over theory or marketing speak. If you represent a security vendor, partner with a customer.
  5. Submission track
  6. Consider the audience’s technical level. There are three levels of tracks which range from business strategy to deep dives into security concepts and architecture. Our audience includes technical security practitioners and appreciates technical depth. You also should consider the appropriate speaker – marketing, sales and business development titles are not generally suited for this audience.
  7. Time slots are 45 minutes in length. Make sure your talk is concise and clear. Engage the audience in discussion.