Why attend mWISE?

Top 5 reasons to attend mWISE:
  1. Hear thought leaders on the keynote stage—chosen for their expertise and experience and not for paid sponsorship.
  2. Meet your peers. It’s time to get back to those invaluable hallway conversations, after-class debates, and catch-ups over coffee or a meal. Discuss your challenges and experiences with one another and get new perspectives at a more intimate event where you can hear each other.
  3. Listen to content curated by an independent program committee who are deeply involved with the security community and know today’s threat landscape.
  4. Visit organizations and speak with their experts. Hear about solutions to help with your specific challenges – all in one place.
  5. Be a part of the newest industry event—one designed for knowledge sharing, collaboration in an environment free from vendor influence on content.

Justifying your attendance

Need a little help to justify attending mWISE™ Conference 2023? Here’s something to get you started:

Subject: Approval to attend mWISE Conference 2023

Dear <insert name>,

Mandiant Worldwide Information Security Exchange (mWISE) Conference takes place <Choose in Washington, D.C. or online> from September 18-20, 2023. This was the Mandiant Cyber Defense Summit but is now open to non-customers and partners. It offers two and a half days of learning from and networking with security industry leaders and practitioners, and I’m seeking approval to attend.

Attending will give me access to:
  • Hear from security thought leaders like Kevin Mandia on the keynote stage.
  • Over 70 sessions on critical challenges and issues facing the security industry today. Topics include cloud security, intelligence, security engineering and third party and cyber risk management.
  • Opportunity to meet, see demos and discuss solutions with key suppliers who can assist with implementation and development.
  • Networking and learning with peers and industry leaders.

The approximate cost to attend is $XX. Here’s the breakdown: <Adjust as appropriate>

  • Conference pass $XX <Add appropriate pass price at time of purchase>
  • Travel: $XX <Consider airfare, car rental, taxi, shared rides, public transit, etc.>
  • Accommodations: $XX <Consider hotel, Airbnb, etc.>
  • Meals: $XX <X days @ XX/day>

You know that the threat landscape is changing, and the pace and complexity of change continues to accelerate. Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report noted phishing is up 11%, ransomware attacks by 6%, and 52% of incidents that were unintentional were due to misconfiguration (and when known, 80% of these incidents are discovered by researchers). It’s important to keep abreast of new developments, best practices and, to build relationships so we can learn from industry peers.

When I return, I can create a road trip report to share with the team: key findings/insights and new ideas.

To get the best available rate, I need to register by <X date> . Please let me know if you have any questions or wish to discuss.

Thank you,  

<Add closing signature>

Time to team up

Here's more reasons to add mWISE to your calendar this year.