Artificial Intelligence and the Security Practitioner: The Good, The Bad, and The AI
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Security Operations has long envisioned the benefits of AI, and it looks as if the technology is starting to catch up to the vision. This presentation will examine the Good, the Bad and the AI through the eyes of the security practitioner and help the audience to determine where to begin their AI journey to reap the most benefits. The Good: Artificial Intelligence can benefit security practitioners in a number of ways, including: automating tasks, detecting threats, responding to incidents, and mitigating risk. This section will examine these benefits and which ones are most impactful to Security Operations. The Bad: The benefits sound great, what could possibly go wrong? This part of the session will examine the challenges and pitfalls associated with the benefits by answering the following questions. What happens if you rely on AI too much, too early? What happens when the AI is wrong, and how will you even know? The AI: AI is a general term that encompasses multiple techniques. This section examines different models and techniques, such as Deep Neural Networks, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, and Decision Trees, and how they are used in Security Operations today?