Cybersecurity Risks in Mergers and Acquisition
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Hear from Portfolio CISO from a Private Equity firm, a Partner from Boston Consulting Group, and a Director of Consulting from Mandiant share their experiences responding to cybersecurity attacks before, during, and after Mergers and Acquisitions. Cybersecurity risks are heightened during M&A transactions due to potential business risks and increased targeting by threat actors. We will share real-world, anonymized, examples of companies getting targeted during a transaction and how to navigate challenges such as:

  • Buyers getting cold feet
  • How to reassure investors and advisors providing due diligence
  • Why threat actors target companies during an acquisition

We will close with recommendations for investors, executives, and cybersecurity practitioners on how to manage cybersecurity risks across a portfolio of companies or subsidiaries. We will share what security controls and frameworks we’ve observed are most impactful specific to M&A transactions, and how executives can provide oversight to their investments.