Call for Keynote Ideas

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Submission Deadline: Friday, August 11, 2023


mWISE is an event designed by the security community for the security community.

To live up to this objective, we need your help to co-create a special part of our program. We want your ideas for keynote topics and speakers!

KEYNOTE TYPES: There are several keynotes types, and we are looking for ideas and speakers on any and all types:

  • Brain-candy: These keynotes are not directly linked to cybersecurity, but they teach us important aspects to how we think, learn or play. Examples:
2484213-6425019dd35b3.svgJane McGonigal is an author, game designer and researcher who advocates using mobile and digital technology to channel positive attitudes and collaboration in a real-world context.
2484212-6425019c8c384.svgShankar Vedantam is an American journalist, writer, and science correspondent. His reporting focuses on human behavior and the social sciences. He is best known for his program, Hidden Brain, on NPR where he uncovers and explores the way we think and react to different situations.
2484208-64250197b8601.svgDoris Helen Kearns Goodwin is an historian and political commentator. She has written many books about US Presidents, and discusses how leadership can influence outcomes.
  • Fascinating researchers: These speakers may be directly or indirectly related to cybersecurity and provide insight into what we might expect from technology in the future. Examples:
2484235-642504de4b43a.svgKevin Slavin discusses how algorithms shape our modern world, from determining stock prices to espionage tactics.
2484243-6425054d58b40.svgDavid Eagleman is an American neuroscientist, author, and science communicator, who decodes the mysteries of the tangled web of neurons and electricity that make our mind tick – and makes us human.
2484209-64250199311bf.svgDeep-fake or social media manipulation experts: There is fascinating research on all items that make us wonder.
  • Current day leaders: Whether in industry, global governments leaders (past or present), or industry pundits. Who intrigues you the most? Why are they fascinating? If you were to interview them, what would you want to know and why?
  • Hot panel discussion: A discussion with people who are NOT exactly on the same side of an issue. What would be the topic? Who would make up a dream panel?